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Hey, I really enjoy your blog and the post-cyberpunk style it has, and I realized that the stuff here matches the work of a French musician named Danger. I just wanted to let you know about his stuff since it seems relevant or whatever. Anyways, keep it up; this blog is amazing!


You’re actually not the first person to bring up Danger in relation to my blog. I love his music and that glowy eye persona he’s got. You just reminded me of him and in looking him up again, I see he just came out with a new EP last week. So, thanks!

Here’s Danger’s site, for the curious. And his music is up on Spotify.

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After tentatively starting Beyond The Black Rainbow I made the right decision and focused hardcore on the remaining UI development I have for our new game. Still blasting Aliceffekt in the dark. This album may take the cake completely.

Gonna have to retreat to Steam sooner or later though.

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G’s Lost in the Trap - Best of 2013 Play/Mix
I did it. And I’m not even mad.
You may have not noticed from your side of Tumblr, but I am a trap music junkie. This year has been an amazing year for trap, especially if you’re on Soundcloud following the artists directly. So I decided it was time for a best of list. I am no DJ so it’s not mixed, but each song has been carefully selected and placed in a flow I appreciated. Enjoy, share, and if you haven’t yet, join Soundcloud and follow those artists already!