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Music Shuffle Game

Rules: put your music device on shuffle then write down the first 10 songs that pop up.

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  1. Dark Alliance - Eternal Tears of Sorrow
  2. Lana Del Rey - Born to Die
  3. Svperior Dwells & Dirty Chocolate - Digital Drugs
  4. Blindside - Yemkela
  5. Clams Casino - Crystals
  6. mewithoutYou - Nice and Blue
  7. The National - Afraid of Everyone
  8. Aarab Muzik - Heaven
  9. Intervals - Still Winning
  10. Gameface - I Run Things

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Tell me of a song that haunts you


Palmer’s Medic - Guen

I had just discovered palmers-medic's wonderfully atmospheric music during the Project Lodus Kickstarter. We were mid-way through when a pre-planned family vacation happened. I was out of my usual element, obsessed with the constant uphill battle of the KS campaign, excited about the future, sleeping on an inflatable mattress, daunted with a change of life seemingly on the horizon, head always buzzing. At nights I couldn't sleep so I sat at my laptop in this dark cabin's kitchen listening to the Defeat album and it's b-sides on repeat. It came to define my state of mind in those days - the frantic clawing for progress in an unsettlingly calm void; desperation marbled with truly sweet moments. This song is the epitome of that already poignant feeling. And it's a good part of why I needed to have palmers-medic score Project Lodus.

All that aside, if you don’t get haunted by this beautiful song, you’re probably a robot.

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Hi, How's it going? Have you been listening to anything interesting, lately?


This song was just posted 21mins ago and I’m digging it: Sidewalks and Skeletons - Sleep Paralysis

Really, nothing revolutionary lately. Soundcloud has been slow and I’m trying to get away from listening to TOO much nonstop metal lately on Spotify. Despite that, I have a new fave for those who appreciate the sinister side of life: Kardashev - Excipio

I will take music suggestions!

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Music this way

Check my SoudCloud likes for a ton of bass music, EDM, and witch house. This is the stuff that’s been keeping my ears occupied tonight.

(Got an ask about it and meant to reply publicly, but went private instead. So here it is for everyone.)

EDIT: Lol, did you guys just break SoundCloud? As soon as I post that link, their servers go down.

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