Z2 by Neeraj Menon
Typhoon by Kait Kybar

From the comments, many of you agreed with me. A big chunk of inspiration is missing. We miss you, CGHub.

superinfused said: There’s also artstation.com and drawcrowd.com

I hadn’t seen those, they’re new. They look promising though! The nice thing about CGHub was it was the obvious mecca. It’ll take a while for one of these competitors to be close to the one stop shop CGHub was.

toqareign said: What’s wrong with pinterest? D:

Pinterest, like fffound and boooom and tumblr (unless it’s an original content blog) are bookmarking sites, not sources. Pinterest actually does the best job of including source links, but if those links were found on CGHub, they’re dead now and therefore useless to supporting that artist directly. In any case, no one should use a bookmarking or image dump site link as a source. Go the one extra step and find where it’s actually from so that creator can get direct traffic and credit.

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You can still find a buttload of stuff from CgHub, if you head over to pinterest.. just search for Cghub and viola!


First off, I’d never be caught dead citing Pinterest as a source. Anyway, I don’t care about the CGHub archives as much as I miss the new art postings and the community features that helped me find related artists I didn’t know about already. The feature I miss most is the email updates for new CGHub art from artists I follow. Gotta track everyone down at deviantArt now, I guess.

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mark valentine | the body of gusts.

Is it just me, or did the overall quality and number of rebloggables in your Tumblr dash fall sharply since CGHub dropped off the map?

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more amazing art from Irkalla (devlog)