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Viking Refugees by Maciej Drabik

Sebastian Alvarez

Should my legged tank have four, six, or eight legs?


Six seems like the logical choice for something as large as a tank. 8 just seems excessive to me and 4 is good for smaller applications.

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mecha-digital answered: Mech suit or power armor?

Power armor? I’d prefer something that feels like and is my own body underneath. More natural. Plus agility > heavy plating in my headcannon. Depends on the mech or armor I guess.

fjdesign answered: Do you have a dream ?

My dream is I co-own and oversee both a game studio (Apothic) and design studio (Demure). In addition to standard client work, Demure will market the games we produce at Apothic. They’ll split 2 sides of a studio space to share resources and provide unique perspectives. Eventually, they may coalesce into one Valve-like entity. My title is Creative Director. I own 2 Australian shepherd dogs and a house in Westlake. I may or may not have a child or 2.

That’s not a whole lot different from now except that I’m not scraping pennies each month and we have legitimate studio space. Well, and the dogs and kids and house.

future-punk submitted a pic I won’t blog, but it says: “It’s not just blowing stuff up, I like the way he composes scenes and action. He’s inspiring.” -Neil Blomkamp (‘Elysium’ ‘District 9’) on Michael Bay

No one said Bay was a bad director, as in unskilled. Just… predictable and so, so commercial.

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Ville-Valtteri Kinnunen, Vähän iltapäivän irroittelua.

Why do most sci-fi movies nowadays have that District 9 look?


Because Neil Blomkamp has a rare aesthetic eye everyone wants to imitate and because it was a huge breath of fresh air to have something so different from traditional scifi. It’s gritty, raw and innately believable whereas most scifi and superhero movies are typically extremely polished. It’s not surprising it started a movement.

I just realized Neil Blomkamp is basically the anti-Michael Bay, haha.

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You thinking doing crossovers like Final Fantasy and Disney for Kingdom Hearts is a good idea? Should we try it more?


Sorry, I don’t get Kingdom Hearts. Probably because I’m not a fan of FF or Disney to begin with. Seems to have worked well for them though. Kingdom Hearts is all my nephews want to talk about besides Minecraft.

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