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Kyryll Fedorenko - Kazaky

Really awesome blog man! I'm digging this


I’m digging this compliment

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1160 by Sergey Norin on Flickr
"Sandia’s Materials, Devices and Energy Technologies Group developed micro-scale solar photovoltaic cells about the width of a human hair. The cells, which can be mass manufactured with standard semiconductor micro-scale tools, reduce costs, improve efficiency and can be used in new applications, such as embedded in clothing or in the shells of smartphones."

Donna Karan fall 2014 rtw details

Thank you for the anime movie suggestions! Got a backlog to check out now.

Of course I’ve seen Akira and you can’t deny it’s greatness, but Ghost in the Shell (the original 1995 release) still easily takes the cake for me.

If we were talking anime series, Cowboy Bebop would be my #1.

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This kinda typical cyberpunk silliness, but I'm tired so that's what you get: did you ever have the moment when you just suddenly realized that we're living in the future? You know, like something you've seen or done that not long ago would've been sci-fi? If so, what was it?


It seems gradual until you reflect back. The phone in my pocket can do far more than my PC could in high school.

What really gets me these days are the advancements in prosthetic neural interfacing. The fact that someone can control even simple movements just by thinking a certain thought really feels like the cyberpunk future.

That and Google Glass. I mean, the fact that those are out there and there’s a relatively low fuss about them… we’re in the future.

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What are your favourite anime movies ?


Just Ghost in the Shell. All day. It’s a masterpiece and one of my favorite movies even outside of anime.

I’d actually take anime movie suggestions. I’m always behind the curve when it comes to anime.

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